UNIARQ, successor corporation of RANGEL & SAMPAIO ARQUITETOS ASSOCIADOS S/C LTDA, has developed it’s designs for more than 30 years since the architectures Fred Rangel and Paulo Sampaio, with their previously professionals experiences, have started an intense program of designs together. Thanks to their continued efforts and results achieved with the executed works so far, because of the quality of the designs, the technical level demonstrated, and costumer relationship, the UNIARQ enjoy proudly their clients trust.

The achievement of the services involve since the initial steps of any and every entrepreneur, assessor and consultancy, improvement and technical-financial availability studies, until the work project detailing with the respective accompaniment and supervision. UNIARQ’s experience can be compared to its client relationship, the diversity of types of designs developed, adding nowadays thereabout the amount of 4.000.000 m² of building area.

Architects Founders

Luiz Frederico Rangel de Freitas

Fred Rangel holds a bachelor and master’s degree in Architect and Urbanism from University of São Paulo. He has a vast experience gained over more than 35 years. He began his career as an architect in 1975 at RINO LEVI Arquitetos Associados and in 1976 worked in MERISA Projetos e Planejamentos Ltda. In 1978 he joined the architect Paulo Sampaio in the creation of RANGEL & SAMPAIO Arquitetos Associados Ltda. Between 1982 and 1986 he worked in ITAUPLAN – ITAÚ S.A. Planejamento e Engenharia. In 1986 and 1987 coordinated projects in HOCHTIEF DO BRASIL S.A. At the end of 1987, Fred Rangel and his partner, Paulo Sampaio, launched UNIARQ Arquitetura Ltda., an architectural firm which he managers since then. In the academic field he taught between 1986 and 1988 at the School of Architecture and Urbanism of Mackenzie Presbyterian University and in 2002 and Proofício Professional Development Institute of Campinas. Acts as a Director of AsBEA – Brazilian Association of Architecture Offices since 1997.


Paulo de Abreu Sampaio

Paulo de Abreu Sampaio holds a bachelor degree in Architect and Urbanism from Braz Cubas University. He has over 35 years of professional experience. He began his career in 1976 working as an architect on the Engenheiro Paulo Sproviero and in 1977 at EMPLASA – Empresa Metropolitana de Planejamento da Grande São Paulo S/A. In 1978 he worked as an architect in the MERISA Projetos e Planejamento Ltda., where he met the architect Luiz Frederico Rangel de Freitas, with whom at that same year created the RANGEL & SAMPAIO ARQUITETOS ASSOCIADOS LTDA. Also in 1978 has developed designs for administrative buildings at H. GUEDES ENGENHARIA and other designs at Engenharia PARALELA Ltda. Since 1987 acts as a managing partner of UNIARQ Arquitetura Ltda., with his partner Fred Rangel.


Architects Founders